Haritaki User Tips

User Tips

Congratulations on choosing to take Haritaki Plus.

I hear almost daily surprising stories about the power of Haritaki to help increase brain function and help with various body disorders. This is remarkable stuff that you have in your hands and I hope my enthusiasm about the importance of taking it daily rubs off on you! For those of you who ordered capsules we have two bottle styles shown in the images on the order page. You may get a bottle with the title, "Third Eye Awakening", this contains exactly the same organic haritaki plus powder as the regular label.

How to take Haritaki

We recommend you take it at night, but before bedtime. If you have ordered the powder be prepared for a quite nasty taste the first time around.

If you find the taste disagreeable, you can mix it with orange juice or other juice to disguise the taste, or order Haritaki in capsule form. Haritaki capsules, for those of us who do not like the powder form, are available.

Quantities to take:

Take ¼ teaspoon at night at the beginning. Haritaki can have a very strong detoxifying effect. This can precipitate large lose bowl movements. That is why we recommend to start with small amounts. This cleansing is in fact part of the process, and quite normal. As your body cleanses you can increase the amount taken until you reach 1 teaspoon per day. The detoxifying effect includes strong bowel movements. If they are uncomfortable then reduce the amount of Haritaki.

Capsules: Take 1 capsule per day at night and watch for body detoxifying effect

Some tips I have found about Haritaki from daily users:

Many users find that they can feel an almost immediate improvement in brain function, that keeps on increasing over time.

Some users are reporting increased intuition powers directly attributed to Haritaki.

Some users report that the Haritaki gets sweeter with time, as the body becomes increasingly detoxified

Look out for an increase in energy, and a less need for sleep.

If you are taking Haritaki to increase intuition there is a little self-evaluation you can do at this link here. http://haritaki.org/2016/01/14/haritaki-plus/

For more information on the more mystical properties of Haritaki I recommend you watch the videos on YouTube by the Indian Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Other uses of Haritaki:

Apply on skin cuts, rashes, mouth sores etc. Information on the web site about this.

Wounds http://haritaki.org/haritaki-benefits-cleansing-wounds-infection/

Digestion- http://haritaki.org/haritaki-benefits/haritaki-benefits-digestion/

Constipation- http://haritaki.org/haritaki-benefits/haritaki-and-constipation/

Obesity- http://haritaki.org/haritaki-benefits-obesity/

Diabetes- http://haritaki.org/haritaki-benefits-diabetes/

HIV- http://haritaki.org/benefits-of-haritaki-for-help-with-hiv/

Removing Mercury from the body- http://haritaki.org/2016/04/16/haritaki-clears-mercury-body/

Longevity and Anti aging- http://haritaki.org/2016/04/16/haritaki-reduces-telomere-damage-anti-aging/

Cleansing the Pineal Gland- http://haritaki.org/2016/09/19/haritaki-helps-decalcify-pineal-gland/

Once again, please spread the word to friends. Your help is deeply appreciated. You can contribute to the Haritaki project in two ways:

If you know someone who is interested in taking Haritaki, please send me a note and I will follow up.

If you have a testimonial about Haritaki, that you would like to share with me, please let me know. Your input is invaluable on spreading the awareness of this herb.

Thanks for reading!


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