Haritaki is exceptionally good for you!

Haritaki is exceptionally good for you!

I just came back from a month in Thailand, where I was at a meditation retreat. At the retreat were about 100 children and teenagers who take Haritaki regularly.

What I witnessed is something quite remarkable.

In one hour these children went from not having their 3rd third eye open to not only having their third eye open, but also being able to demonstrate that it is open by being able to read through a blindfold.

Yes that is right. 100 children. 1 hour. Demonstrating that  they could see through a blindfold.

The ease at which these children could see with their eyes closed was impressive. One child of 5 spelled out the letters of the word enlightenment as fast as I could write them, and then she asked "What is that word?".

This is one benefit of Haritaki. Does that convince you to consider taking it for 6 months or a year? 

Now the thing with Haritaki powder is that it is awful to eat in the power form, so unless you want to practice developing remarkable tasting abilities I recommend that you take the capsules. The recommended amount is 3 capsules daily.

If you order the bottles of 100 capsules that provides a months supply. I recommend you go on auto reorder so that the Haritaki arrives each month for you. You can always cancel the order at any time.


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